Rasel Ship Supplier


Rasel Ship Supplier was established in 2015 in Panama City Panama by a group of knowledgeable partners interested in offering a different kind of ship supply service, one committed to quality above all.

This approach has made Rasel Ship Supplier one of the fastest growing companies in the maritime business in Panama, and all of this thanks to its dedication to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Today, Rasel Ship Supplier being already one of the lasrgest ship suppliers in Panama, has joined efforts with Navieramar Panama and Greisca S.A., a strong international group of companies all related to the maritime business, that have joined efforts to become a better conglomerate than the simply sum of their parts by offering a wider range of services and opportunities to all our pool of customers.

With more than 25 years of combined experience, quality based and customer satisfaction oriented service, this joint venture has become the most succesful formula, providing our customers with the most solid operational and financial support. Turning on a higher rate of satisfaction among our customers.


To supply the needs of all vessels arriving to Panama Canal and ports. Committed to recognize and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, through relationships based on mutual trust.


To be the leader ship supplier in Panama, with quality service in search of obtaining a 30% of the market and also to expand the production line into other areas of shipping and customs brokerage.


Our quality policy is manifested through our firm commitment to our customers to fully satisfy their requirements and expectations, for this we guarantee to promote a culture of quality based on the principles of honesty, leadership and development of human resources, solidarity, commitment to constant improvement and safety in our operations.


1.To achieve a 95% of satisfaction from the client, considering for this the fulfillment of the legal, regulatory requirements and special requests, as well as keeping Principals and Captains duly informed about every delivery, verifying that requirements were accomplished throughout the application of a survey to the Captain to ensure and enhance the best operations performance. And find improvement opportunities.
2.To reach a billing time of 5 working days since the ship's dispatch.
3.To maintain a capable staff to provide the service of ship supplier.